WSIS Action Line: C1
Activity Title
Developing the structure and methods of cooperation and interaction between public and private sector in Persian Search engine project
e-service technology roadmap for rural and least developed areas in Iran
Local and native Persian Search Engine program management
News search and analysis system
Web Azma: A laboratory for evaluating and verifying the quality of web-based services
WSIS Action Line: C2
Activity Title
Development of global Persian Wordnet (Farsnet3)
ITRC Infrastructure as a Service Project
Development phrase structure treebank and syntactic parser for Persian language
WSIS Action Line: C3
Activity Title
Developing Image search engine based on deep-learning techniques
Location based services platform (Map search engine)
Persian Knowledge Graph
Developing Persian image network (TasvirNet)
Text search engine
WSIS Action Line: C4
Activity Title
Research Laboratory of Xamin open source platform
WSIS Action Line: C6
Activity Title
Search engine Marketing (Intelligent advertising platform)
WSIS Action Line: C7
Activity Title
Analysis, Design and Implementation of National Web Site Ranking and Monitoring System
WSIS Action Line: C8
Activity Title
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ICT Research Institute (ex. ITRC)
Development English-Persian machine translation

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