Text search engine

This project aims at providing Persian text search services with the following specific goals:

  • Fulfillment of the information need of Persians within the vast information pool of the internet,
  • Providing a full covering of Persian parts of the web,
  • Providing a search service which considers Persian language specialties and Islamic as well as Persian culture,
  • Increasing the intelligence level of Persian search services with the aim of efficient processing and retrieval algorithms,
  • Using distributed architecture.

Two different Persian search engines have been selected to participate and compete in this project; Both search engines were started their services in 2010. Currently, they provide various services such as text, image, and multimedia search, Persian-English translation, news, music, blog, etc. Similar to other local search engines such as Yandex, Baidu, and Naver, the Persian search services prefer to focus on deep language oriented processes to improve their accuracy and benefitted from recruiting native language exports.


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This site is belong to the Persian native search engine program and designed for publishing the information about this program. We will be happy if receive any comment or feedback from you.