Steering Council

It is a council with 12 members formed on November 22, 2014 as per the Act of the Supreme Technical Council of the Ministry. According to the “local search engine program steering council regulations”, this council is in charge of thematic and methodological guidance of the program as well as directing its contents and achievements and manages the program by holding regular meetings. Steering Council Notifies the charter as well as directing and administrating the program on a macro level as per the principles agreed in the program charter



Khosrow Saljughi

Information Technology Organization executive board member

Majid Tavakol

General Director of economic studies bureau  of Ministry of ICT

Alireza Yari

Supervisor of the IT Research Institute of ITRC

Seyyed Ahmad Tabatabaei

Information Technology Organization executive board member

Omid Rajabi

Communication and IT services license issuing General Director of Communications Regulatory Authority(CRA)

Mohammad Gudarzi

Design and development of data network and switches Administration Department Supervisor of

Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC)

Kambiz Badie

Faculty member and research assistant director in ITRC

Mahmud Kharrat

Supervisor of knowledge management and e-organizations group in ITRC

Akbar Shahi

IT expert

Behrooz Minaei

Chairman of the executive Board of National Computer Games Foundation

Ruhollah Rahmani

Faculty member of Tehran University

Jafar Habibi

Faculty member of  Sharif University of Technology

Amin Shokri poor

Supervisor of the Office of Plan  and programming of ITRC

Alireza Talebpoor

Faculty member of Shahid Beheshti university


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