The following table shows the identified key stakeholders of the program and their expectations. The Executors’ mission is to obtain their official confirmation about their expectations and requests as much as possible and to verify the predictions mentioned in the following table, if possible, and to report the results to the sponsor.


Table 2: Key stakeholders’ expectations

Main expectations

Key stakeholder


  • Program vision should be achieved on time
  • Program should follow the ministry policies
  • Created knowledge should be treated as confidential and preserved as national asset


owner (Ministry of ICT)


  • The program components should be directed and fructified in accordance with the program roadmap and charter
  • Being informed about the progress of the program
  • Being influential by approving the program scope, time, and budget
  • The important changes of the program should be controlled

The Steering Council of the program


  • Being informed about the program progress
  • Jooyehsgar Program should be capable of competing with international competitors 

Commissioner (Ministry of ICT)


  • Being informed about the program progress
  • The program should follow the center’s governing rules and structure
  • The reputation and brand of the center should be promoted

Executive body (ITRC)


  • Influencing decision makings, especially decisions on the program scope
  • The professional position of the Executor should be promoted
  • The proficiency and power of the Executor should be promoted


The Executor


  • Playing a role in the program
  • Obtaining financial benefits
  • Obtaining reputation and brand-based benefits
  • Eliminating additional services thanks to running Persian SE search engine

Domestic active organizations and corporations (consultants, contractors, suppliers)



  • Failure in achieving the program targets
  • Receiving the program results and strengthening own systems

International competitors


  • Ease of use of Persian SE
  • Persian SE should be a trustable search engine regarding the preservation of personal details
  • Persian SE should be more powerful and more accurate in providing Farsi language services
  • Persian SE should be more powerful and more accurate in providing local and national information services

Users (public users)


  • Making sure of the information generated within the program (such as the assessment of users’ behaviors)
  • Benefiting from data compiled by the program
  • Obtaining financial benefits from the program

Customers (organizations)




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