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By executing Persian SE Program, Ministry of ICT aims to achieve the following strategic targets extracted from four technical, social, economic, and cultural perspectives:

  • Realizing the security of Persian SE search engine and observing privacy principles aimed at protecting national benefits in cyberspace
  • Developing local content and spreading value-oriented culture in cyberspace
  • Developing the knowledge and technology of local search engine (Persian SE)
  • Developing search engine service platform
  • Developing diverse services in accordance with the customers' needs
  • Achieving a proper competitive environment to reach the financial independency in local search engines
  • Promoting the national and international position of Iran in cyberspace

The Executor shall take actions to develop the above-mentioned targets and make the program scope proportional to the derived detailed targets.


1- Program Scope

1-1 Macro Policies

Considering the following policies, the Executor shall define the detailed scope of the program:

  • Similar to the Internet, National Information Network needs its own search engine and input portal. Thus, Persian SE shall meet National Information Network requirements.
  • The aim of this program is not to merely build a system that only searches through web pages and shows results. Rather, this program seeks to create national search engines that provide a wide range of services.
  • The program does not seek to provide and offer all services and platforms within itself. Rather, if a proper service and platform exists, it will strengthen it. If a platform or service lies inside Persian SE scope with no previous model, the procurement of such a platform or service will be done by giving priority to the private sector for receiving supports and purchasing services. If the private sector shows no tendency, this will be done using the public sector capabilities.
  • Persian SE Program should consider necessary actions for aggregation and integration of different infrastructures and services even in the case of changes in service and infrastructure providers.
  • All services and platforms offered through this program using national budget will be accessible to public. Therefore, to avoid the subsequent problems concerning the intellectual property of the program components, the same policy should be considered in all invitations and descriptions of services developed for the components of Persian SE search engine.

1-2 Benefits

The main benefits of Persian SE Program, the realization of which will result in the realization of the entire program, are as follows:

  • Providing hardware infrastructures and required bandwidth in the main and back-up data centers
  • Developing Farsi content and language processing infrastructure
  • Developing basic service platforms for search engine and related services
  • Developing value-added services of search engine and secondary services
  • Booming of search engine business enviroment


You may find in the following a brief description of the above-mentioned benefits:

7-2-1Providing hardware infrastructure and required bandwidth in the main and back-up data centers

Providing hardware infrastructure and required bandwidth for Persian SE Program is a main concern of the private sector. Without proper hardware and bandwidth, it is practically impossible to provide acceptable and high-quality services for a wide range of users. Providing the mentioned capabilities is a costly process, especially at the beginning of a service rollout, and also in view of the fact that the majority of active IT companies are newly-established ones, it can be argued, therefore, that the private sector lacks adequate power in this regard. Thus, the public sector should provide a significantly effective support to this field. With respect to the mentioned issues, supplying the main and back-up data centers, composed of powerful servers, and providing adequate bandwidth for them in a level that all services of the program can be launched with no problem on this infrastructure and provide services across Iran is one of the greatest benefits of Persian SE Program.

In addition to hardware infrastructure, without which it is practically impossible to provide Persian SE services, there are a number of other computing infrastructures without which the quality of services will fail to reach an acceptable level. Cloud computing infrastructure, which is used for managing resources and sharing available hardware capabilities between different services, is an example with a significant influence on the quality of services. 

It should be mentioned that supplying hardware infrastructures, bandwidth and data center is out of Persian SE Program scope and they will be supplied through other infrastructures built by other projects of the Ministry.


7-2-2Developing Farsi language content and processing infrastructures

Given that Persian SE Program is especially concentrated on Farsi language and aims to provide high-quality services Farsi, providing appropriate and powerful infrastructures for Farsi language processing such as different tools and data in Farsi language, Farsi conversation processing  tools, and Farsi light reader tool can significantly influence the program success and the attraction of local users. In addition, without an appropriate Farsi content, providing Farsi language-based services will be practically ineffective. Therefore, paying attention to the enrichment of Farsi content is of great importance. Thus, achieving Farsi language content and processing infrastructures are among the focal points of the program and its benefits.



7-2-3Developing basic service platforms of search engines and related services

From a special point of view, Persian SE services can be divided to two platforms: 1) Basic service platforms and 2) value-added and secondary service platforms. The former covers services, which are the prerequisites for other services and the program will lose its essence without them. Text, image, and video search services are the most important services of this category. In addition, examination and program assessment tools are considered as basic service platforms without which it is impossible to assess the quality of developed services of the program, or in other words, the success of the program. Regarding the fact that location-based service platforms (LBS) are prerequisites for secondary and attractive location-based services, they are other components of the basic service platforms category. E-wallet system, as a financial transactions platform, and smart advertisement as the income platform for other services of other categories are among basic service platforms. Achieving such basic platforms are the benefits of the program.  


7-2-4Developing value-added services of search engine and secondary services

The latter category covers value-added and secondary services like e-mail, machine translation, location-based services, social networks, specific searches, virtual driver, and question and answer systems. The aim of providing such services, besides the aforementioned basic services, is to increase the number of Persian SE search engine users. Achieving high-quality secondary services with respect to their impact on increasing the number of Persian SE users is another important benefit of this program. 


7-2-5Booming of search engine business enviroment

The above-mentioned benefits will be completely realized provided that the business resulting from each of the services can gradually stop receiving public sector supports and be administrated completely by the private sector. Obviously, this will be realized only by the booming of the business of each company providing the program services. Therefore, development of procedures, solutions, plans, and required infrastructures for further booming of the business atmosphere of Persian SE services is a concern to be addressed. Achieving this important target will be a main benefit of Persian SE Program.


1-3 Explanation of program scope

The Executor's mission is to define the program scope and identify its components based on the above-mentioned benefits. The following items should be taken into account in the process of identifying the program components:

  1. The projects of the program

The program benefits are the grounds on which macro-projects of the program are defined. The macro-projects of the program should be broken to small projects and prioritized. Each stage, or each priority, will be completed within one year. The mission of the Executor is to provide the program schedule based on the program roadmap, attached in the following, as well as the priorities of the projects and to submit the schedule to the technical workgroup and the Steering Council for confirmation purposes.



  1. The continuous activities of the program

The successful implementation of the program requires a number of continuous activities to be taken into account simultaneous with the implementation of the program. However, necessary mechanisms for realizing the activities should be predicted. In what follows, you may find a number of them (not limited to them):

  • R&D activities made to keep up-to-date the information on the latest status of international and national search engines aiming at updating Persian SE Program scope
  • Developing policies about the program services and spreading the use of the program within the authorities
  • Supervising the provided services in order to make sure that they comply with the developed indicators, even regarding the services allocated to the private sector
  • Commercializing Persian SE services aimed at attracting participants as well as the private sector investments or allocating the services to the private sector for commissioning purposes


1-4 Excluded Items

The following items are excluded from the program:

  • Building communication networks and supplying the required bandwidth
  • Building national data centers
  • Designing and building hardware facilities

The required infrastructures for the above-mentioned items are supplied either by benefiting from available national capabilities or by purchasing/hiring policies.


7-5 Efforts made and to be made

All the projects and efforts in relation to the program targets that have been done/are being done in the research center, or other entities affiliated with the Ministry, are considered a part of this program and can be organized and enhanced within the current program framework. The mission of the Executor is to identify and complete the projects list, establish a relation between them, and direct them.


2- Program Roadmap

The following figure shows the program roadmap. The Executor is obliged to provide the master plan based on the roadmap and by considering rolling wave planning[1] approach in order to submit it to the Steering Council for approval.



Fig. 1: Program roadmap



[1] It is a planning method in which the activities of closer times are planned in detail while the activities of later times are planned in a general and macro level. It is a repetitious planning method where the considered plan is gradually completed after several times of repetitions and modifications. 

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