Persian image network (TasvirNet)

“TasvirNet” is the first image network for Persian nouns that attempts to establish a hierarchical database with a large number of images available to researchers in Iran and other Persian language countries. The goal of this image network is providing a Persian language based image network and facilitate access of Persian users to the images independent of the policies which are set by “ImageNet” (the image network provided by Stanford University. The hierarchy of synsets in TasvierNet is based on the hierarchy in ImageNet that and Persian equivalent of more than 93 percent of the synsets in ImageNet are automatically translated and included in TsvirNet. The images in TasvirNet are automatically downloaded of the links provided by ImageNet for images. Moreover, more than 1000 synsets for Iranian and Islamic culture with more than 70 thousand related images are included in TasvirNet. The added images have been tagged by crowdsourcing method. TasvirNet can be accessed via

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