Mircro Planning

After studying upstream documents, gaining experts’ opinions, and holding strategy development workshops, the following vision was defined for Persian SE Program:

Achieving “the best search services in Farsi language” by providing

  • The most accurate search capability in Farsi
  • The highest-quality localized services in Farsi


Feasibility and comparative studies as well as research on search engines and local users’ needs are prerequisites for realizing the above-mentioned vision. Some of them have been previously completed and the rest will continued during the implementation of Persian SE Program.

According to these studies, a web-based competitive environment is the final picture cosidered for realizing Persian SE vision where local search engines supported by the program will provide diverse services for users. To provide the services, it is necessary to provide required infrastructures by Persian SE Program.

If the program vision is realized, the private sector will be empowered to an extent that it can administrate sponsored search engines without government supports. Therefore, the empowerment of the private sector through engaging it in the process of realizing the program benefits is an essential approach in this program. To realize the vision, the establishment and implementation of different services will be initially put into practice along with public sector supports. However, a major part of its ownership can be transferred to the private sector following a specified period of time and based on future policies of the government.

The Executor will administrate the proper performance of Persian SE services until the end of the program mission in order to assure that the services are in concordance with the macro-policies of the Ministry. This supervision may continue after the end of the program in the form of the future programs of the Ministry.


Strategic Targets

By executing Persian SE Program, Ministry of ICT aims to achieve the following strategic targets extracted from four technical, social, economic, and cultural perspectives:

  • Realizing the security of Persian SE search engine and observing privacy principles aimed at protecting national benefits in cyberspace
  • Developing local content and spreading value-oriented culture in cyberspace
  • Developing the knowledge and technology of local search engine (Persian SE)
  • Developing search engine service platform
  • Developing diverse services in accordance with the customers' needs
  • Achieving a proper competitive environment to reach the financial independency in local search engines
  • Promoting the national and international position of Iran in cyberspace

The Executor shall take actions to develop the above-mentioned targets and make the program scope proportional to the derived detailed targets.


Macro Policies

Considering the following policies, the Executor shall define the detailed scope of the program:

  • Similar to the Internet, National Information Network needs its own search engine and input portal. Thus, Persian SE shall meet National Information Network requirements.
  • The aim of this program is not to merely build a system that only searches through web pages and shows results. Rather, this program seeks to create national search engines that provide a wide range of services.
  • The program does not seek to provide and offer all services and platforms within itself. Rather, if a proper service and platform exists, it will strengthen it. If a platform or service lies inside Persian SE scope with no previous model, the procurement of such a platform or service will be done by giving priority to the private sector for receiving supports and purchasing services. If the private sector shows no tendency, this will be done using the public sector capabilities.
  • Persian SE Program should consider necessary actions for aggregation and integration of different infrastructures and services even in the case of changes in service and infrastructure providers.
  • All services and platforms offered through this program using national budget will be accessible to public. Therefore, to avoid the subsequent problems concerning the intellectual property of the program components, the same policy should be considered in all invitations and descriptions of services developed for the components of Persian SE search engine.


The main benefits of Persian SE Program, the realization of which will result in the realization of the entire program, are as follows:

  • Providing hardware infrastructures and required bandwidth in the main and back-up data centers
  • Developing Farsi content and language processing infrastructure
  • Developing basic service platforms for search engine and related services
  • Developing value-added services of search engine and secondary services
  • Booming of search engine business enviroment

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