General Encyclopedia of Persian language

Having an online Persian-language general encyclopedia on web seems to be culturally essential not only to improve general knowledge of Persian- language web users, but also to structure potential Persian language knowledge graphs.

In this regard, the project of “Developing General Encyclopedia of Persian language” is started within the local search engine plan.

In this project, Daneshgostar encyclopedia including 18 volumes, 67000 entry and 20000 images, is considered to be digitized and presented online on the Wikimedia platform which is going to be customized for this purpose. Also, the info- boxes for each entry should be completed and added to the related web pages.

It is also mentionable that as the auditory and refining policy of Persian internal and non-Persian external encyclopedias may differ, it is necessary to organize that based on the existing facilities on Wikimedia & policy of internal online encyclopedias such as Daneshgostar.

The major objectives behind this project are:

  • Promoting Persian- language web users to have active interaction in enriching and generating Persian-language contents.
  • Structuring & organizing standard auditory and refining mechanism to update and control reliable & valid online Persian contents.

Supporting internal general encyclopedias to expand their contents and develop their businesses.


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