The key mission in the Persian search engine program is to provide users with services that are beneficial to Persian language speakers. It will be possible through the following important goals:

  1. Improvement of Security for users according to the privacy and keeping the source of content inside the country.
  2. Guarantee the quality of content providing to the users
  3. Matching the content and ranking them according to the culture and localized information of country
  4. Providing both technical and economic opportunity for Iranian small or medium business to apply the state-of-art technology to develop the localized content and services.


Here in this part, we explain the conceptual model of Persian search engine program, which specifies all related elements in this domain. Since our major target is to clarify the scope of project, the conceptual model should be represented in ways that help us to achieve this goal. The main elements of our conceptual model are shown in figure 1.


Fig. 1. Conceptual Model Elements


In the Persian search engine the different aspect of model should be considered as follows:

  1. Users: Besides the general user, we will consider the children, incapable people, researchers, tourists and enterprise customers to cover the requirement of all people and provide them beneficial.
  2. Use bed: users not only expecting web search and related services, they also need services like social net, chatting, Email, over the top and some other services to make them to stay loyal.
  3. Items of search: items of search are very critical and important from users’ point of view. If the items are not included then the result can not satisfy the users. Items are like: text, image, video, map, voice.
  4. Capability: in the market when the share market is one of goal, the capabilities should be attractive enough to switch the users from other search engines to the Persian search engine, especially in the language related capabilities. Translation, Information extraction, knowledge acquisition, content generation and question and answering are most important capabilities should be considered.
  5. Infrastructure: for such an important service the infrastructure and the requirement platform is also very critical and important. The server rooms and also cloud solution for Iranian global service should be considered. In addition to the computing platform, some software platform are also considered, such as, e-money, security, Bigdata analysis and single sign on.
  6. Motivation: the last aspect in our model is motivation. Success is not reached until the users select the Persian search engine. This will happen if some motivation such as, general information, local based services, shopping, tourism, some consultancy services and cultural feeding are considered.

The program is very complex when thinking about integrating the existing services and establishing a huge service platform to integrate all services and capabilities. Therefore, in addition to technical and financial limitation the integration is a challenging task in this program.


Fig. 2. Search Conceptual Model



The conceptual model of Search is presented in figure 2. In the following, nodes and relations of this conceptual model are introduced.

Items: Items that search issue can be done on them, in terms of the type and attributes are highly diverse. The type of items are like: text, image, video, map, voice.

As mentioned before, search items are very diverse. These items can be text, video, audio, video or animation, and map. Each of these type of items are variety of formats in point of use. In continue, further details of item’s types will be offered:

  • Text: Plain Text, Enriched, Metadata, Formatted
  • Image: Grayscale, Binary, color, Multispectral
  • Video/animation: VGA, Monochrome, EGA/CGA, Super VGA, XGA.
  • Voice: MID, MP3, AIF, and WAV.
  • Map: Political, Physical, Topographic, Climate, Road, Thematic, Economic or Resource

Today regarding nature of the data, the old solutions is not responsive. It is necessary, due to the nature of the data appropriate solutions, product, and infrastructure is chose.

Use bed: It should be noted that one of the most significant use bed for search is the Internet, but other public media space for providing the search service is attractive including intranet, laboratory, social networks, forums, CDN (content distribution network), and OTT.

Capability: In the market when the share market is one of goal, the capabilities should be attractive enough to switch the users from other search engines to the Persian search engine. Translation, information retrieval, information extraction, knowledge acquisition, content generation, and question & answering are most important language related capabilities that should be considered in generating new attractive services. For example, by using translation technology can provide this capability to translate attractive non-Persian content to Persian.

Motivation: From a user-centered perspective, an effective search engine needs to attract new users to try out its features, and retain those. For this reason, it should know the user’s motivations. Usually, the user use the search engine for achieving the various goals; these are the same user motivation which includes tourism, shopping, business, consultancy, reporting, locating, planning, entertainment, learning, acquiring awareness or public information (weather, news, calendar,…).

Stakeholders: Every search engine has various stakeholders, then it should have a responsibility to manage its operations for the benefit of its stakeholders. Stakeholders include not only the customers (ex. Users…) but also content providers, network provider and etc.

Benefits: There are the many benefits to implementation a local search engine. Some of importance benefits are Sustainable development, Economic boom, Social protection, Promotion of culture and social insight, and Meet the public needs.

Requirements: To provide search engine services successfully, needs considering of different requirements related to technological, Political, economic and social-cultural areas. This Section introduces these requirements.

Technological: Prosperity of native search services in country requires development of appropriate technological infrastructure. Related technological aspects of search services development include:

  • Essential characteristic: Technological factors that affect development of national search engine include investment in R&D sector, establishing necessary mechanisms to protect intellectual property of innovative businesses, convenient environment to access leading technologies and financing in technology transfer.
  • Methodology (methods): Different forms of search need differing procedures and requirements like
    • Refinement: Editing and deleting of waste, surplus and repeated contents.
    • Anti-spam: Finding spams and fraud contents.
    • Error detection: To detect and correct spelling and Structural errors.
    • Identification: Identifying permitted users and authenticate their access level to needed contents.
  • Tools: Provisioning successful search services needs processing tools and equipment, most important of theme natural language processing tools. Technical tools need for  delivering search services are
    •  Processing:
      • Natural language processing
      • Content format convertor
      • Enquiry semantic interpreters
    • Equipment: Providing especial facilities for  some group of user needs specific Equipment amongst
      • Text to Speech
      • Speech to text
      • Optical OCR
      • Biometrics scanning equipment
    • Wares: Include needed hardware and software infrastructures like
      • Virtualization, cloud computing and operating system software’s
      • Processing resources, storage resources, network resources and communication Network hardware’s
    • Resource: Information resources that could be used for delivering search services such as data sets, web archives, news archives and encyclopedias.

Political: Political factors are main environmental issues that influence developing of native search services. Policing subsidiary and legislation to regulate market and penetrate usage of local search services can be useful in this regard. Among the important concern that can promote businesses, market and economy of search engine are

  • Regulation
  • Taxing & Tariff
  • Government support
  • Market Penetrations

Economic: Reducing access costs can motivate and utilize related services to native search engine and lead to deployment new types of economic markets for these services. Some important Economic concerns and factors are

  • Industry & Production development
  • Market performance improvement
  • Business Easiness

Social-cultural: Paradigm shift in social and cultural life style create new interests and consequently needs for new product and services. Social-cultural factors can have major effects on life in cyber space environment and as result on development of businesses/services and versatility and eeffectiveness of supply and demand. Some important social and cultural concerns are

  • Consumer Preference
  • Morality Issues
  • Life Styles
  • Media Attitude

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